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Structural Testing Laboratory

   Vibration and Shock Test Engineering Services

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Vibration and Shock Testing Services

STL Brighton provides Vibration and Shock Test Engineering Laboratory Services and Consulting for the Automotive, Aerospace/Defense, Transportation/Packaging Industries, and Military. Structural Testing Laboratory can test your products with your fixture, or work with you to develop a fixture within acceptable acceleration and resonant frequency parameters for many types of materials.

  • Package Testing
      ISTA 1a 2a 3a et al. ASTM D4169
  • Seat Belt Retractors
  • Transmission Modules
  • Circuit Boards
  • Instrument Testing
  • Automotive Testing
  • Mirror Testing
  • Light Bulb Testing
  • Seat Testing
  • Floor Console Testing
  • HVAC Testing
  • Door Panel Testing
  • Cockpit Module Testing
  • Engine Mount Testing
  • Sunroof Testing
  • Electric Wiring Harness Testing
  • Battery Testing